Magic Carpet Bracelet


It's versatile and easy to work up - which is not to say quick! But the time is worth it!

The bracelet is made on a base of right angle weave using 5 or 6mm firepolish beads. The individual RAW units are then covered with the "magic carpet", using seed beads in sizes 15 and 11. The carpet pattern allows you to play with colors to make a pattern with the pattern, so to speak. It can be sophisticated or bodacious - as you like it best!

The tutorial covers RAW 3 units wide. I've made the Magic Carpet bracelet from 3-5 RAW units in width, depending on how much I feel like showing off. ;-.)  I like this bracelet covered in the carpet pattern, but students of mine have decorated only select units, making the bracelet a little less heavy. You can choose what suits you.

Step-by-step instructions with illustrations showing you everything you need to know to make your first Magic Carpet. I say your first because if you're like me, you'll want to play with many colors!

The tutorial does not include instructions for adding a clasp. I like to leave that up to you as clasps are so personal, I think. Specific colors are not indicated but if you want to know what colors I used in any of the bracelets pictured, just let me know!