Use a bracelets tutorial to make elegant jewellery

Make exquisite designer pieces at home with a bracelets tutorial from Laurie Glynn Designs. There is something very rewarding about creating beautiful jewellery from scratch with a bracelets tutorial. No matter how intricate the pattern, a step-by-step bracelets tutorial enables you to achieve great results - even if you're new to beading.

The chic world of Laurie Glynn Designs

Glamorous, handmade jewellery is right on trend and each comprehensive bracelets tutorial has been carefully selected by Laurie Glynn. Laurie is a gifted mosaic artist who has shown all over Switzerland. Her mosaics are one-off pieces and highly sought after. Beadwork became a passion for Laurie and as she began to make more exciting pieces she started to share her techniques in guides such as a bracelets tutorial or beading pattern. Now you can make colourful pieces that will stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a beginner or whether you have some experience of crafting, a clever bracelets tutorial such as those at will ensure that you don't go wrong. Each step is covered fully and completely, and even the most difficult techniques are explained clearly in a way that makes each step easy to understand.

Bracelets are one of the most wearable pieces of jewellery that anyone can own and with a bracelets tutorial from Laurie Glynn Designs, you can explore new ideas and styles. Not only does each bracelets tutorial include stage by stage instructions, you'll also find suggestions of which beads to use.

Get creative with a bracelets tutorial

Perhaps you have an artistic friend who would love one of these exciting bracelets tutorials or maybe a younger family member who is interested in design. Bracelets tutorials are an exciting introduction to the glamorous world of jewellery design. What's more, you can personalise a bracelets tutorial from with different stones or beads like semi-precious gems or Swarovski crystals. You can also choose different colours to complete each bracelets tutorial, particularly if you have an event or outfit in mind. Make exquisite pieces for weddings or parties with a bracelets tutorial or choose colours that appeal to you. Our Magic Carpets bracelets tutorial is an excellent example. This is quite a time-consuming bracelets tutorial but the finished results are worth it. Techniques like RAW, (right angle weave) are explained and each bracelets tutorial can be adapted to suit you. Using this bracelets tutorial as an example again, Laurie explains how you can make a lighter or heavier bracelet using the basic guidelines. Laurie has used a sophisticated palette of bronze, red and gold to complete this bracelets tutorial, but you could choose white and silver, blue and black or rose and gold.

There is no limit to what you can achieve each time you use a bracelets tutorial. Thanks to clear, well-illustrated instructions, you'll be inspired to use each bracelets tutorial many times to create ever more imaginative looks.

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