Seed bead tutorial - exploring jewellery design

Enter the glittering world of handmade designer jewellery with a seed bead tutorial from Laurie Glynn Designs. A seed bead tutorial opens up one of the most exciting areas of beading and crafting and you can download yours today from

A seed bead tutorial for everyone

Seed beads really are gorgeous and each seed bead tutorial from Laurie Glynn Designs shows you how to make the most of them. From simple beads to stunning necklaces and bracelets, there is a seed bead tutorial to appeal to all tastes. These tiny beads look fantastic when used in large numbers and that's the real secret of a seed bead tutorial. The Waterflowers design is a wonderful example of a seed bead tutorial from Laurie Glynn Designs. You'll discover just how effective those tiny gems can be when they are combined with other beads in this 12-page seed bead tutorial. Yes, 12-page. The great thing about a seed bead tutorial from is that you just can't go wrong. Each step is explained fully and in a clear and simple to grasp way, making a seed bead tutorial a joy for both advanced crafters and beginners. This glorious circular design takes seed bead tutorial to another level and you can carry on extending your Waterflowers piece to make either a bracelet or necklace. The seed bead tutorial for Waterflowers makes the little gems the base and framework for other stones. However, if you really want them to take centre stage, try a seed bead tutorial like the Firework Necklace.

Find your special seed bead tutorial

Laurie Glynn began her design career as a mosaic artist but was soon drawn to the colourful and creative world of designer jewellery and beading. Each seed bead tutorial is a testament to the experience and expertise that Laurie brings to every design. Her seed bead tutorial for the Firework Necklace is one of her most successful and the necklace was featured in PerlenPoesie Summer 2015. It caught the eye of the international fashion set and soon the words 'seed bead tutorial' were on every crafter's lips. This exceptional seed bead tutorial shows you how to make this stunning necklace step by step. Combining seed beads with crystals in a riot of colour, this is a seed bead tutorial that anyone can master. Clear, concise instructions mean that even if you're a complete beginner you can probably tackle this seed bead tutorial. However, if you feel that you'd like to start with something a little less adventurous there is certain to be a seed bead tutorial that's just perfect for you at

As you would expect from a Swiss based designer, each seed bead tutorial combines artistic elements with that famous Swiss precision. You'll always get terrific results with a seed bead tutorial from and you can adapt any of them to your own style.

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