Create beautiful pieces with beading patterns

Do you adore unique jewellery that stands out from the crowd? Use our step-by-step beading patterns to create beautiful pieces at your own pace and in the colours you love. Whether you're an experienced jewellery maker or a gifted crafter or whether you'd simply like to try something new, you'll find a range of beading patterns for your level of expertise at Laurie Glynn Designs.

Gorgeous necklaces are easy with beading patterns

In fashion circles, handmade conveys a level of designer skill and artistry that far surpasses machine produced clothing. The same is true of accessories and with exciting beading patterns such as those at at your fingertips you'll soon be making precious designer pieces that are special to you. From simple pendants to intricate wave effect collars, you'll find beading patterns that are easy to follow and which can be completed at your leisure. Bead craft has become increasingly popular as more people discover beading patterns like these. However, people have been sharing beading patterns since ancient times and often they were passed on to family members as a way of preserving traditional motifs or tribal colours. Today, beading patterns from Laurie Glynn Designs make this fun pastime accessible to everyone and you can choose beading patterns in traditional or contemporary styles that appeal to your tastes. Each of these beading patterns gives full details of the materials you require and a step-by-step guide that covers each stage clearly. You can use the stones specified in particular beading patterns or customise them with the colours, stones or clasps of your choice.

Laurie Glynn - the name behind designer beading patterns

Laurie Glynn began her creative career in mosaics and ran her own atelier. She has shown her craft at fairs and events throughout Switzerland and has travelled extensively to promote her work. Her love of colour and form lead her naturally to jewellery. Although Laurie's mosaics tend to be unique pieces, she shares her jewellery designs through a range of beading patterns which can be further explored at Laurie Glynn's beading patterns might be inspired by flowers in a summer meadow or fireworks against a night sky. Each of these sumptuous beading patterns results in a piece that is colourful and truly effective. Perhaps you're a beginner; why not start with beading patterns for something relatively simple like hollow beaded beads? Or maybe you're looking for something a little more challenging such as beading patterns for an intricate Peyote Wave necklace or a Magic Carpet Bracelet.

Use these versatile beading patterns to enhance your skills or to update your look. You can also follow beading patterns by Laurie Glynn Designs to make thoughtful gifts for your family and friends. Why not take a look at some of the beautiful options at and discover just how much fun you can have with versatile, easy to follow beading patterns?

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