Beadwork - the breakthrough craft for the 21st century

Laurie Glynn Designs is at the forefront of a new surge of interest in crafts like beadwork which are taking the fashion world by storm. Beadwork is glamorous and exciting and thanks to a range of step-by-step guides it's now accessible to beginners as well as experts. Explore colourful designs and intricate techniques through beadwork tutorials that allow you to be truly creative at

Swiss precision, international glamour

Laurie Glynn is based in Switzerland and first came to the attention of arts and crafts fans through her exquisite mosaics. She expanded into beadwork and has taken her love of the craft to another level with a collection of tutorials that appeal to beadwork enthusiasts around the world. If you've ever wanted to make glamorous beadwork pieces using exclusive techniques, you'll adore the latest guides at That inimitable Swiss precision is very much apparent in gorgeous necklaces and bracelets that put the glamour firmly back into beadwork. You don't need to be an expert to try beadwork for yourself and there are beading patterns to suit every level of expertise at Perhaps you're adept at beadwork and would welcome the chance to try your hand at a fabulous Princess Squared Necklace. You'll find this 19-page beadwork guide a real thrill and although it is aimed at intermediate beadwork artists Laurie's instructions are complete and coherent so even a beginner could tackle it.

Broaden your horizons with superb beadwork tutorials

If you haven't tried beadwork before you might feel more confident tackling pendants or bracelets. Perhaps a simple beadwork piece like the Regal Round Bead would be the perfect starting point. This highly effective and striking bead can be worn alone as a pendant or strung with other beads to create a necklace or bracelet. There are no limits to that you can achieve with beadwork guides and tutorials by Laurie Glynn. Laurie understands that everyone has a specific way of approaching beadwork and her instructions are clear and extensive. You'll even discover how to create the perfect clasp to add a stylish finishing touch to your beadwork project. You can choose to follow the beadwork tutorials literally or you can customise them to suit your tastes. Take the beadwork for a Zig-Zag Collar as an example. Laurie used 1390 bicones to create this stunning piece of beadwork and the end result is refined and elegant. For this beadwork, she chose the smallest 2.5mm bicones but she suggests using 3mm if you find them just too small. It's these personal touches that make Laurie's beadwork tutorials such a joy to follow. She even gives examples of the same beadwork in a choice of colours to show you how simple it is to make this lovely collar truly personal.

Step-by-step instructions and a guide to what you need are included in each beadwork tutorial. Visit today and discover beautiful beadwork that's as stylish and individual as you.

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